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2020 Vermillion Co. IND Fair OPEN CLASS Exhibits

June 30, 2020
Welcome to the Fair


Open Class exhibits will be entered and displayed in the 4-H Community Building this year! Non-perishable  exhibits will be accepted on Sunday, July 12th between 2:00 and 6:00 PM in the 4-H Community Building. Perishable exhibits (foods, food preservation, horticulture) will be accepted on Thursday, July 16th, between 4:00 and 7:00 PM.  Exhibits will be accepted at the southwest door of the 4-H Community Building, by the Patio.  Exhibits and premiums must be picked up the last Saturday of the fair between 9:00 and 11:00 AM. 

There are opportunities to show your talents in crafts, fancy work, fine arts, floral, preserved foods, baked food items, garden produce & herbs, and photography!  There is NO entry fee!  Exhibits will be on display the same hours as the 4-H exhibits in the 4-H Community Building throughout the week.  

The full list of categories and exhibit details is included in the 2020 Open Class booklet, which is available from Annie Walters (765-505-9178) and Morgan Willhite (765-421-1488), online at and and at the Purdue Extension Vermillion County office. 



Here are the details for Children’s Corner: 

Children aged 0 through second grade. This exhibit is not limited to Vermillion County residents.

All projects must be simple projects made by the child within the last year.
Entries will receive comments from the judge, all entries in a class will receive ribbons. 
Projects will be evaluated on neatness, quality, creativity, and originality.
First and participation ribbons will be given.
All children’s open class projects will be separate from regular Open Class projects and judged as such.
Any projects not fitting into the following classes must be entered as a regular Open Class Project.

Children's Corner Exhibit options are:     


Each child may enter only two pictures in each of the following categories: Fine Arts and Color Book Pages.  Size limit is 8 ½ ” x 11”.

Each child is limited to 2 items per class in the arts & crafts area.

1 - Fine Arts
A. Original or Freehand Drawing
B. Pencil (lead or colored), crayon, watercolor, finger paints, markers may be used.
C. 8½” x 11” paper only.

2 - Color Book Pages & Color by Number Pages – using colored crayons, colored pencils or markers.
Must be a commercial color book and no larger than 8½” x 11”.  No watercolor book pages.

 3 - Basic Crafts: A. Clay, Playdough or Lego Art – Child hand-makes an item from clay, playdough or lego-type materials.   B.  Wood Art – using Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc.  Child constructs an art object. C.  Punch Art    D.  Ceramics     E. Stenciling     F. Other Basic Crafts

4 - Needlework: Simple needlework item made by the child.

5 - Model Art: Child constructs a simple model using an easy kit. 



Slice and bake cookies – Child may use refrigerated slice and bake dough. Exhibit 6 cookies on a paper plate.

Decorated cookies – (to be judged on decoration only) – child is to decorate cookie using edible items. Exhibit 6 cookies on a plate.

Easy cookie recipe – exhibit 6 cookies on a plate.


Simple decorated cakes with edibles (i.e. candy)



  1. Single blooms – Child enters a single bloom of the following annual or perennial plant. Bloom will be exhibited in Coke® bottle, vase or plastic drink bottle, which is to be provided by the exhibitor.   Make sure flower is not too heavy to tip over the container. A. Daisy B.  Gladiolus     C.  Sunflower     D. Marigold     E. Zinnia  Roses G. Dahlia          H. Other


 A simple photograph taken by the child and attached to an unlined 4” x 6” index card. Each exhibit should be labeled as to Name, Age, Address, and type of picture.


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