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4-H Workshops / Trip Opportunities

March 31, 2017

4-H Camp is for 4-H members in 3rd-6th grade at Camp Tecumseh. Campers will have the opportunity to spend three days and two nights at Camp Tecumseh. 4-H Camp includes celebrating a wide variety of projects while enjoying old camp favorites like swimming,camp songs, and campfire ceremonies Applications are available April 1st and accepted on a first come first serve basis. Application, health form, and registration fee is due April 21, 2017. (Camp is June 7-9, 2017)


Citizenship Washington Focus is a 4-H leadership program for high school youth.  Delegates of 15-19 year olds from across the country attend this 8 day program (June -July , 2016) at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center, located just outside of Washington D.C.  The progam is aimed at enriching young people's lives by broadening their appreciation and respect for themselves and others in the world. Participants attend workshops, committees, field trips, and social events, giving them hands-on opportuniteis to learn and grow.  Participants learn and practice skills that will make them better citizens and more successfull individuals. Appications are due March 15.


4-H Youth Round-Up is a three-day educational experience (June  2016) designed especially for young teens (8 & 9th grade). The atmosphere provides an opportunity for youth to learn about their own uniqueness, career options, and being positive role models in an enjoyable, fun manner. Youth will meet peers from all over the state, experience life on the Big 10 Purdue University campus, socialize at the dance or movie and be exposed to college life in an organized group event.


State Junior Leader Conference. The conference focuses on developing leadership, understanding of group dynamics and an awareness of self and others. It is carried out with the guidance of the State 4-H Junior Leader Council members elected at each conference to conduct the next year's program. There is one statewide conference planned annually for high school students who have completed grades 9-12. June 16-19, 2015, at the University of Indianapolis


State Fair Youth Leadership Conference. This conference is available to all 9-12th grade students. There will be exciting opportunities to learn about and experience leadership, have fun, and get to know 4-H Youth from around the State! August 2016 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Click on link at the bottom for the application.



4-H Science Workshops is held at Purdue University specifically designed to offer 4-H members and other students a hands-on, realistic, and exciting opportunity to learn about Science, Technology, Agriculture, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM) careers. As a participant, youth'll have an opportunity to meet with and learn from Professors, Graduate Students, and other experts in these fields and participate in hands-on activities and experiments in the laboratories and classrooms at Purdue University. Youth will stay in the Purdue Residence Halls for the three days that they are at the Workshops, to allow them to explore the Purdue campus and meet other students wtih shared interest in STEAM careers.  Learning sessions and activities based around each area of interest  will offered throughout the day and in the evenings youth'll be able to take advantage of Purdue's recreational facilities and have social time. The workshops are designed so that youth will leave campus not only with a better understanding of their impact on science but also their role in society.


State 4-H Chorus membership is open to 4-H Members and other youth. Youth attend a 5 day choral workshop at Purdue University which culminates with a performance at 4-H Round-Up. State 4-H Chorus also performs at the Indiana State Fair and other selected sites. 8 -12 grade; June 2016; Purdue University


State 4-H Band membership is open to 4-H Members and other youth. Youth attend a 3 day band workshop at Purdue University which culminates with a performance at 4-H Round-Up. 8 -12 grade; June 2016; Purdue University


Aerospace: Build model rockets and planes, take a ride in a small airplane, and to an astronaut by phone as you learn about the principles of flight and career opportunities.

Aerospace Workshop 9-12 grade; June 2016; Purdue University


Animal Sciences: Youth will develop life skills through interaction with others, to teach the scientific principles of Animal Sciences to young people, to prepare delegates to assist and/or teach others in their local communities what they learned from taught by Purdue faculty and staff, to increase awareness of Animal Industry Issues, to inform participants about careers in animal agriculture and educational opportunities at Purdue University.Workshops include, beef, dairy, goat, horse, poultry, rabbit, sheep, swine, veterinary science (large & small animal)

Animal Science Workshop 9-12 grade; June 2016; Purdue University


Computer Science: The computer science workshop will expose youth to new and emerging trends in the computer science industry.

Tracks offered in 2013:Flash programming:  Adobe FLASH is a software tool used to develop animations and interactive multimedia for display on the World Wide Web.  Anybody that has "browsed the web" knows how frustrating it can be to wait minutes while a page's content downloads. Web sites developed in FLASH are quick to download and animations can even begin playing before all of a FLASH movie has finished downloading. Students will learn how to create simple animations in FLASH, then go on to add interactivity to their FLASH movie, and finally, how to publish their movie to a web page. The students will learn the differences between raster and vector graphics, what streaming media is, and what are the future implications of a technology like FLASH.

Software Engineering:  The world would be a very different place without Smartphones. But are Smartphones really the key or is it something else?  A Smartphone is only as good as the software that tells the Smartphone what to do.  And the quality of the software depends on the expertise of the software engineer.  Youth will learn the basics to the creation of an app using an Android software app development tool.  Those learned skills will be tested as youth are paired in team of two to see who can develop the “best” app.

Computer Science Workshop 9-12 grade; June 2016; Purdue University


Engineering: Ever wonder what engineers do? The three-day Engineering Sciences Workshop will shed some light on this question. You will learn how robots operate, what makes a good fuel for internal combustion engines, how computers draw without pencils, how to select the best vegetable/fruit variety for mechanical harvesting, and how to surf the Internet. The program will also introduce you to careers in various engineering fields.

Engineering Workshop 9-12 grade; June 10-12, 2015; Purdue University


Food Science: Are you interested in foods, science and being part of an exciting and rapidly expanding industry? But not quite sure where you fit in? Then the Food Science and Nutrition Workshop is where you should be. You will have an opportunity to: get acquainted with faculty members, university departments and the Purdue campus, have fun participating in leisure activities and meeting new friends, share what you learned about food science and nutrition with other youth.

Food Science Workshop 9-12 grade; June 2016; Purdue University


Renewable Energy: Hands on experience with cutting edge renewable energy technologies like biofuel and biochar productions and wind turbine experimentation with exciting field trips to renewable energy destinations.

Renewable Energy 9-12 grade; June 10-12, 2015; Purdue University


PINE (Plant, Insects, Natural resources, Environment): Delegates should (but not a requirement) have participated in one or more years of 4-H in field crops, plant science, Junior Master Gardener, Mission to Mars, or horticulture. These include projects in corn, soybean, small grains, forages, flowers, garden, and strawberries. Scholarships will be available.

Pine 9-12 grade; June 10-12, 2015; Purdue University


Electric Workshop: Designed to provide youth with an opportunity to explore, through hands-on learning experiences, the principles associated with electric wiring and electronic construction.  The workshop is divided into two divisions: beginning and advanced.  The beginning workshop is for youth (middle and high school-aged) with some knowledge of electricity and/or electronics. Must be in the 4-H Electric Project Division 3 or higher.

Electric Workshop June 2016; Purdue University


Show Me the Money: Learn the essentials of financial management from the best network of financial professionals in the state. Experience a full day of Where Does Your Money Go adventures at vendor locations in Lafayette. Come away with new tools to make your financial goals become a reality!

Show me the money 9-12 grade June 2016; Purdue University

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