Managing your trees and lawn so your backyard looks beautiful and without “breaking the bank” only takes adhering to best practices and the application of easy tricks. Clark County Extension will be hosting a tree and Lawn management workshop on March 30 at the 4-H Fairgrounds (9608 Highway 62, Charlestown, IN 47111) to share these best practices with homeowners.

In a presentation called “Your Trees,” Kris Medic reviews the reasons why we grow trees, the services they provide, and an impressive online calculator that provides a dollar value for the services provided by an individual tree. Kris will also address problems facing trees today, how to choose trees for the future, and how to find a reliable arborist to service the ones that you have. Kris is a Board-Certified Master Arborist who has been working with trees for over thirty-five years.  She is the Ag and Natural Resources, and Community Development Educator for Purdue Extension in Bartholomew County.

Care of home lawns is a popular hobby and an important way to add to curb appeal and maintain a home's value. But it can be expensive, labor intensive and intimidating. In this workshop, Jeff Hermesch will cover the basics on plant growth, turf grass establishment, cultural practices and pest management. Jeff’s advice about caring for and protecting your lawn from pests and diseases will help homeowners ensure that their grass is always greener. Jeff Hermesch is a former athletic fields groundskeeper who has been working with turf grass for over fifteen years. He is the Ag & Natural Resources Educator for Purdue Extension in Decatur County.

The health of a soil is important in the wellbeing of all plants including trees and lawns. Knowing how to determine the health status of soil and how to amend soil requires basic knowledge of soil testing and the correct interpretation of soil test results. This is key to correcting soil fertility and soil health issues and for maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard. Simon Kafari will take participants through the basics of soil testing and interpreting soil test results, the selection of appropriate fertilizers and liming material and the choices to make to ensure a “bang for your bog”. Simon is a trained Agronomist and Environmentalist with expertise in grain and vegetable agronomy and plant/soil/environment relationship. He spent 10 years working and managing a grain and vegetable production and 15 years as a business manager in a Fortune 500 company. He also dabbled in large-scale landscape management for 2 years. He is the Ag and Natural Resources Educator for Clark County Extension.

Although the workshop is free and opened to everyone, registration is required to attend, as a minimum number is required to put on the Workshop. To register or if you have questions about this event, please call the Clark County Extension office (812-256-4591) or email Simon Kafari ( Should you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event, prior to the day of the workshop, please contact the Extension office.