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October 25, 2018
The Purdue Debris - Senior Class of Purdue University 1907

Genealogy is the science of tracing one's family back through previous generations.

In the 4‑H Genealogy project, you will have an opportunity not only to learn about your family but about HISTORY (your ancestors were there when it was happening) and GEOGRAPHY (they came from all over the world). You will learn how to research a variety of sources in the hope of finding the pieces to your family puzzle. Most of all we hope you will enjoy the project and learn more about yourself while you learn about your ancestors. You must start with Division 1, not by grade in school. All members are encouraged to attend the orientation meeting.

The Genealogy project was updated 10-1-2017. Please reference the handbook for instructions.

The gentlemen in the picture to the right are from the Purdue yearbook "The Purdue Debris" 1907, Senior Class.

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