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October 25, 2018

The purpose of the Grilling project is to provide members with a general knowledge of grill safety and proper handling/preparation of foods to be grilled.

*Not eligible for State Fair

Beginner                         Grades 3-5 (Poster Only)

Intermediate                   Grades 6-8 (Grilling)

Advanced                        Grades 9-12 (Grilling) 

General Rules:

  1. Beginner level (grades 3-5) will not compete in the grilling competition. Grilling posters will be entered the same day as the cook-off.
  2. Each member competing in the grilling competition will furnish his/her own grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, grilling utensils, items to be grilled, and sauce/spices.  Additionally, exhibitors should bring a folding table/card table to use in food preparation/presentation. Exhibitors are encouraged to bring a tablecloth as well as a chair.  (Themed presentations are allowable)
  3. Electric and gas grills are permitted.
  4. All grills will be inspected prior to the fair. If grills do not meet safety standards, the member will be disqualified.  NOTE: If the member turns in a completed record sheet or manual, and is subsequently disqualified for safety issues, the member will still be counted complete for this project.
  5. Members must assemble at the grilling site 30 minutes prior to start time.
  6. A 3-hour time limit will be enforced for preparing food from start to finish including coal preparation.
  7. Members must work alone unless an emergency arises and officials agree to a change in procedure. Contestants may have help moving their grills, tables, and supplies to the grilling area.
  8. Exhibitors should bring a platter or plate on which the finished product will be displayed. NOTE: Please prepare enough samples for at least three judges.
  9. All exhibitors will be scored by judges based upon the criteria on the scorecard.
  10. No alcohol is allowed in recipes or in displays.
  11. Sharing between contestants is not permitted, as each contestant must set-up and start his or her own grill. Where there are multiple contestants from the same family, each should have separate grills, tables, and other supplies.
  12. Grills may be covered or uncovered.
  13. Barbecue sauce may be either commercial or private recipes.
  14. Contestants are expected to police their respective areas at the conclusion of the contest. Trash bins will be provided.
  15. Two workshops are being planned. It is highly recommended that you attend. Grill inspection, food safety, grilling and smoking foods are just some of the topics being planned.


      16. Beginner: Exhibit a poster (following the established poster policy) on safety in barbecuing and/or food preparation (for example: grill safety, grill maintenance,                how to start a fire, cooking meat, thawing meat, handling meat, use of utensils, and/or general preparation.)  (Poster projects will only be judged for                          Champion and Reserve Champion status. This level will not be included for consideration of Grand or Reserve Grand Champion).

      17. Intermediate: Compete in the grilling competition.  Items to grill can include hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, or sausage.  (Adult assistance in starting the                    coals will not count against members in this level).

      18. Advanced: Grades 9 and 10:  Compete in the grilling competition. Grill any type of meat (ex: chicken, ribs, steak) except salmon.

      19. Grades 11 and 12: Compete in the grilling competition.  Grill a full meal including choice of meat or salmon and 2 grilled side dishes (ex: corn, squash, potato,                pineapple, etc.)

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