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October 17, 2018
Creative Cooking

This project will be graded on creativity, presentation, and taste along with normal baking judging as texture, flavor, and color.


Grade 3- exhibit 6 cookies, cut out cookies frosted or not. Example sugar, gingerbread, and shortbread.

Grade 4-exhibit 6 muffins with or without a topping. No muffin papers can be used.

Grade 5-exhibit 1 regular size loaf of quick bread.

Grade 6-exhibit a Holiday or Special occasion baked product.

Grade 7-exhibit 1 Angel Food Cake, no frosting or box mix.

Grade 8- exhibit 6 doughnuts.

Grade 9-exhibit 1 Tea Ring decorated.

Grade 10-exhibit an International nonperishable baked dessert.

Grade 11-exhibit 1 box of Candy. Size of box needs to be the appropriate size for the candy you have made.

Grade 12-exhibit 1 double layer cake with filling and frosting.

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