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Serving Up a Yummy MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum with Professor Popcorn

March 9, 2015

Due to our HHS vacancy, the 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator began delivering “Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum with Professor Popcorn” at Fremont Elementary in which youth learned about healthy food and physical activity. Each week the students were asked “the essential questions” of “What does it mean to be healthy?” and “What does it mean to eat healthy?” Each week we also stated our favorite equation “Healthy Food + Physical Activity = a Healthy Me.”


Youth were instructed in hand sanitation with the Germ GlowBug, proper food handling and food safety, what belongs on the counter vs what does not, the importance of increasing one’s heart rate, the body’s need for rest, the importance of breakfast, how food serves as fuel for the body, dark vs light fruits and veggies, bone strength, muscle growth, trying new foods, animal vs plant foods, and, of course, the five food groups. Interactive conservation with the students also included the problem of added sugars and added fats, sometimes foods, ‘switcheroos,’ and proper food handling and food safety.


Snacks were planned according to the seven food allergies among the 71 students to ensure safety. Physical activity was part of the lesson each week as we worked to increase our heart rates. Students competently showed their ability to place foods in the appropriate food group and to plan a complete healthy meal that covers each of the 5 food groups.

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