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Welcome and thank you for reading this first edition of Connect, Inspire, Grow Steuben County Health. The mission behind Connect, Inspire, Grow is to connect community members to information and resources, inspire healthy living, and grow Steuben County community health efforts.
4-H Logo
The 4-H Clover Connection is a monthly newsletter produced by the 4-H Extension Educator and the Purdue Extension Office in Steuben County.
2015 Weed Control Guide
While 2014 boasted plentiful yields across the US corn belt, it is estimated that losses in US crops due to weeds left uncontrolled totals $8 billion annually. Years of research have shown that good weed control within the first 4 to 6 weeks after crops are planted is critical in order to avoid a yield reduction from weeds. With varying planting forecasts for the 2015 season it may be wise to consider all of your weed control options now. The 2015 Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana, and Illin
Gray mold
What a wonderful sight! The snow is melting, but if you are like me and have found that beneath the snow incubated a case of gray snow mold, you may be wondering what this means for your lawn this summer and for seasons to come.
The Inter-agency Network and Purdue Master Gardener Program are two groups in Steuben County that assist in leadership development and community outreach. The Inter-agency group has existed for a number of years in the community but recently has grown rapidly. The group meets the 3rd Monday of each month at noon, usually at Cameron Memorial Hospital. The Purdue Extension Master Gardener Program in Steuben County is a group of 70 volunteers who have each been through +35 hours of horticultural