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Enrollment 101 & 4-H Resources!

October 9, 2019

Enrollment-First Stop: 4-H Online! 4-H Online is our database- it is where 4-H members and volunteers enroll, select projects, and where we store all your family information. If you are a brand new 4-H member or Cloverbud, you will need to create an account. Don't worry, its easy! Just follow the instructions below. Choose as many projects as you want, and whichever Club you want. Most people choose the club located in their township, but if you have questions about the different clubs we can answer those.

Enrollment Instructions for NEW members

How to enroll a NEW member in 4-H. If you are a NEW volunteer- you must first complete the volunteer approval process BEFORE enrolling online. Call us at 765-932-5974 and we can mail you an application, or stop in the office anytime and pick one up.

NEW Volunteer Enrollment Instructions

If you have been a 4-H member or volunteer before, you will need your username and password to log in- you must re-enroll yearly to stay active in 4-H! Below are the instructions for enrollment and re-enrollment for returning members and volunteers- simply follow them! If you don't have your username or password, or need help in any way with enrollment, just call us and we will be happy to help.

4-H Online Re-enrollment Instructions (for returning 4-H members and volunteers)

Quick Guide to re-enroll!

Volunteers also need to complete minors training biannually. This is done through the trainings tab in 4-H Online. If you need assistance in completing this, please call us!


Whats next? The 4-H Year! After enrolling the fun begins! Once you enroll your club leader will receive all your information, and they will contact you with the list of meeting dates and events for your club. You will receive your project manuals and anything else you need throughout the year from your leader, so make sure and get to all the meetings you can so you don't miss anything! This is an essential part of 4-H- its key to knowing whats happening in and outside of our county, learning leadership skills, and building new friendships. If you do not receive information from your leaders, or need assistance with anything, call us as soon as you can so we can remedy that!

Start working on your projects early in the year, especially if you have a lot or a time intensive project. Make sure you check your newsletters for information and opportunities to travel and attend events outside of Rush County- these are often overlooked and there are tons of FUN, awesome opportunities for members! Don't forget to fill your record forms out neatly and thoroughly, and read the requirements for each 4-H project you are in BEFORE starting. You can always call us for more information, and there are many project areas that we have an available adviser for if you need help. If you are a new family in 4-H, you should have received a copy of the new family guide, which is full of information that will help you understand how the 4-H program works in our county.

Don't forget- Livestock and Project Deadlines & Fair entry! Once spring rolls around we will send out reminders for fair preparation deadlines! Here is a breakdown of what else you need to remember BESIDES enrolling in 4-H Online.


The Drop/Add date for ALL projects is May 15th. Anything dropped after this date will be considered INCOMPLETE.

All livestock information must be entered in 4-H Online AND Fairentry by May 15th. If you are enrolled in a livestock project you will receive additional information in the mail with instructions closer to this date. Instructions are also posted on 4-H Online and can be viewed on the homepage under "Announcements and Newsletters".

Every 4-Her must enter all their projects in FairEntry between April 1 and May 15th. Some people find this confusing- didn't you already enroll in 4-H? Why is there a second website? Remember that 4-H Online is our family database and project registration website. Fair Entry is just what it sounds like- your entry in the Rush County Fair! It officially signs you up for the event and lets us know in more detail what animals and projects you are bringing to the fair. Completing fair entry correctly and on time is essential; it enables us to print your fair tags, create accurate show programs for livestock, and record results. Instructions for fairentry can be found here:
Fair Entry Instructions

Keep Going- there's more! In the Winter/Spring issues of this newsletter you will get information on everything you need to know for the Rush County Fair- where, when and how to turn in projects, record sheets, and green folders, livestock fair check in information, Indiana State Fair signup information, and more. 4-H is a year round program that extends far beyond Rush County to include state and national opportunities that we hope each member of Rush County 4-H will consider. Later on in the newsletter various events outside of Rush County are listed. We highly encourage you to participating in these events if you are able. Anytime you would like information or assistance for anything regarding 4-H , contact our office and we will be happy to help.

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