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There are many 4-H Scholarship Opportunities as well as two National Trips that members can apply for in high school. Watch the Prezi to find out more! All of the applications with complete information are available on the Indiana 4-H Website.
Fall 2015 CloverPatch Newsletter
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Fall 2015 CloverPatch Newsletter Please be watching your mail box for the newsletter. You can also find it on your 4-H Online Homepage Profile page. As a reminder re-enroll on 4-H online,, by January 15, 2016. when re-enrolling make sure to use chrome, firefox, or safari. If you need assistance please call our office at (765) 932-5974 and we would be happy to assist you.
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Need help deciding what project to take in 4-H? Please take a look at the 2015 Fair Handbook. Inside you will find all the projects listed as well as the exhibit requirements. You can enroll for 4-H by going to Please feel free to contact the Extension Office at (765) 932-5974 with any questions you may have.
Please see the activity calendar for October and November. It list MANY physical activities that are either FREE or at LOW COST. These are great activity ideas for the Weight Loss Challenge.
Women in Ag
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Join Us February 17-18 in Columbus for the Midwest Women in Ag Conference! We hope to have the registration brochure finished at the end of the month. Check the website for the most current information
Rush County Parenting Guide
As the Health & Human Sciences Extension Educator with Purdue Extension in Rush County, I provide a variety of programs, materials, and information for the residents of Rush County in areas that affect the quality of their lives. I work with individuals, groups, and organizations in the areas of foods and nutrition, family resource management, human development, and health education. Programs dealing with parenting include Have a Healthy Baby, Parenting Counts, Block Party, Parenting Piece
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Need information on a 4-H project. Help is just a few clicks away. Go to the 4-H Website for any and all information. Or you can contact the Purdue Extension Rush County office at 765-932-5974.

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