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Wind Energy Publications

A tale of three counties: Understanding wind development in the rural Midwestern United States (PDF)

A Case Study of Support for Wind Farms in the Rural Midwest (PDF)

The Wind Energy Ordinance Process for Local Government

(ID-RE-1) (PDF)
Update on County Wind Ordinance Development Progress
Wind Ordinances Aug. 08
Wind Map 0610
August 2008 (PDF)
June 2010 (PDF)

Indiana Wind Energy Ordinance Library

A Landowner's Guide to Wind Energy Contracts

Energy from the Wind: Planning for a Small Wind Turbine in Rural Areas of Indiana
(ID-RE-2) (PDF)

Indiana Small Wind Guide

Solar Energy Publications

Economic and Policy Evaluation of Solar Energy for Indiana Business and Residential Applications


Solar Heating for Home, Farm and Small Business: Basic Facts About Collection, Storage and Utilization


Solar Energy Heat Storage for Home, Farm and Small Business: Suggestions on Selecting and Using Thermal Storage Materials and Facilities


Solar Heating Systems for Confinement Livestock Buildings


Solar Heat for Grain Drying--Selection, Performance, Management


BioEnergy Publications - Liquids

Field to Flight: A Techno-Economic Analysis of the Corn Stover to Aviation Biofuels Supply Chain


Synergies Between Cover Crops and Corn Stover Removal


How Ethanol Is Made from Corn

(ID-328) (PDF)

The Effect of Ethanol on Grain Transportation and Storage

(ID-329) (PDF)

Cellulosic Ethanol - Biofuel Beyond Corn

(ID-335) (PDF)

Meeting the Ethanol Demand: Consequences and Compromises Associated with More Corn on Corn in Indiana

(ID-336) (PDF)

What Is Biodiesel?

(ID-337) (PDF)

Biodiesel Quality: Is All Biodiesel Created Equal?

(ID-338) (PDF)

Economics of Ethanol

(ID-339) (PDF)

Ethanol and Energy Policy

(ID-340) (PDF)

Is Biodiesel as Attractive an Economic Alternative as Ethanol?

(ID-341) (PDF)

U.S. Ethanol Policy - Possibilities for the Future

(ID-342-W) (PDF)

Biofuels and Their Impact on Food Prices

(ID-346-W) (PDF)

BioEnergy Publications - Solids

Development of a Viable Corn Stover Market: Impacts on Corn and Soybean Markets

(RE-6-W) (PDF)

Corn Stover for Bioenergy Production:Cost Estimate and Farmer Supply Response

(ID-RE-3) (PDF)

Sources of Wood and Wood Residues for Energy Production in Indiana

(ID-347-W) (PDF)

The Economics of Renewable Energy: Corn Stover and Switchgrass

(ID-404) (PDF)

Basics of Energy Production through Anaerobic Digestion of Livestock Manure

(ID-406-W) (PDF)

Beware of On-Farm Manure Storage Hazards

(S-82) (PDF)

Incentives in Long-Term Biofuel Contracts

(RE-4) (PDF)


On-Farm Efficiency Publications

Post Harvest Pocket Guide - Order Form
(ID 215)

ASABE Standard for On-Farm Energy Audits
(July, 2009)


Turning Back The Thermostat (Not a Matter of Opinion, but a Matter of Cost)

(AE-94) (PDF)

Environmental Control for Confinement Livestock Housing

(AE-96) (PDF)

Natural Ventilation for Livestock Housing

(AE-97) (PDF)

Wind and Snow Control Around the Farm

(NCR-191) (PDF)

Planning Farm Shops For Work And Energy Efficiency

(AE-104) (PDF)

Worksheet For Sizing Livestock Housing Environmental Control Systems

(AE-109) (PDF)

Matching Multiple Ventilation Fans

(BV-1-W) (PDF)

Insulating Livestock And Other Farm Buildings

(AE-95) (PDF)

Comparable Costs of Various Energy Sources for Irrigation Pumping

(AE-111) (PDF)

Biofuels Co-products Publications - Distillers Grains

The Value of Distillers' Grains as a Livestock Feed


Use of Dry Distillers' Grains with Solubles by Poultry


Value of Distillers' Grain Ethanol Co-Products to Dairy Replacements


Feed Ingredient Co-Products of Ethanol Fermentation from Corn


Value of Distillers' Grains to Lactating Dairy Cows


The Influence of Dried Distillers' Grains on Carcass Fat in Swine


Residential Energy Efficiency Publications

Saving Energy in Your Home: Windows

(ID-434) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Air Leaks

(ID-435) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Insulation

(ID-436) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Heating & Cooling

(ID-437) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Appliances

(ID-438) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Home Electronics

(ID-439) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Lighting

(ID-440) (PDF)

Saving Energy in Your Home: Driving and Car Maintenance

(ID-441) (PDF)

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