State Fair
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Are you ready for the Indiana State Fair? The Rule Book is available and online entry is now open!
container gardening
Gardening in containers or raised beds can be just the answer for would-be gardeners who would love to grow their own vegetables and flowers, but lack the space or physical ability for a traditional garden.
Year of the Farmer
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Provide an opportunity to creatively educate Indiana State Fair visitors about history, tradition and the importance of agriculture to the Indiana State Fair. Provide a fun opportunity for students in grades K thru 12 to practice or enhance their art and writing skills. This contest is sponsored by the Indiana State Fair Commission and Dow AgroSciences.
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If you plan to show your hogs at the Indiana State Fair, there are a couple requirements that must be met by specific deadlines.
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Interested in 4-H Camp or Teen Camp? Then be sure to check out this information so you can get signed up to attend this year!
Blue ribbon
The 20th Annual Open Class Exhibition will be held during the Randolph County Fair, July 18-23, Randolph County Fairgrounds

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