Tippecanoe County

Tippecanoe County Extension Office

At the Tippecanoe County Extension Office, the community saw a parking lot island as an opportunity for reducing runoff and increasing green space in the area. This site allows for a 500 square foot rain garden split into two gardens surrounding the path. With a prime location for viewing and accessibility as well as the effectiveness of capturing stormwater runoff, the installation of this rain garden went underway following the steps of the Purdue Rainscaping Education Program. This site allows for easy viewing access to visitors and also an excellent example of the benefits of Rainscaping.

Utilizing a landscape design and installation company, the area’s soil was treated and shaped to prepare for the rain garden. Soil amendments were added, and the land was formed to add a depression to allow for water to drain into the garden. The participants of the course planted native plants tolerant of a 24 hour flooding period as well as other hardy and easy to maintain perennials such as blue false indigo, bottle brush grass, and bottled gentian.

A year later, the rain garden is growing successfully and beautifully. It takes the runoff from the Tippecanoe County Extension Office Building and surrounding parking lot and prevents those pollutants from running off to near water sources making the rain garden an excellent example of Rainscaping.

Tippecanoe County Extension Office Demonstration Rain Garden

Rain Garden at Tippecanoe County

Rain Garden at Tippecanoe County