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Children and Teens

Child's DrawingWe don’t think about war as a topic for children, but violence and war affect all children in one way or another. Some children live in war zones and  are affected directly, while other children watch these events on television, hear them from radio, or read about them in newspapers and on the computer. Modern media bring wars and political violence into homes. Children who are exposed to political violence in this way will need to share their reactions, questions, and confusions with someone so they can achieve
    3 yr. old boy, drawing of peace     more understanding about these events.
     United States-2002                 

This section includes materials that can be used by and with children. There are activity pages that children of varying ages can use to learn about peace and war and to explore and express their reactions about these issues. Parents, teachers, and other adults can also use these activities with the children when they talk with them. Those adults can share their ideas to encourage development of peacemaking skills and to build more understanding of the events in the world.

Child's Drawing  Resources for children and teens   Includes
  activities, books, links, and worksheets. Some of the
activities are for children or teens to do on their own,
  and others are for parents and children to complete
  together.  Note that you may need Adobe Reader
  program to view and
download some of the materials.

                                                                              12 yr. old girl, drawing of peace
                                                                             United States-2002
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