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October 15, 2019


The educational 4-H Sheep program and related activities (such as workshops and tours) provide youth with a fun and hands-on learning experience which develops both sheep subject skills (such as nutrition, housing, and health care) and life skills (such as responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communications) under the direction of caring adults. 

4-H members (Grades 3 – 12) must identify all Beef and Dairy Cattle, Goats, Horses, Llamas, Sheep, Rabbit and Swine in the 4HOnline system by the species deadline or earlier county deadline if applicable* to be eligible for exhibition.  Login to your family profile at  https://in.4honline.com for Animal Identification Instructions.


 Grooming assistance rule for all species:

 4-H members may receive clipping and grooming assistance for all species, on show day, only from the following:

  1. Immediate family (parent/guardian, sibling, aunt/uncle).
  2. A current Indiana 4-H member
    • Indiana 4-H member's name and enrollment of county must be turned into the Extension Office by June 1st.
  3. An individual enrolled in the Indiana 4-H Approved Animal Grooming Assistance Program.

For Indiana State Fair eligibility, all market lambs and commercial ewes must be identified by a 5-digit county tag (or farm/flock tag for commercial ewes) AND are retinal imaged and registered ewes must be identified by the tag linked to the registration paper AND be retinal imaged.


Pulaski County 4-H Sheep Tagging

April 24, 2020

6-8 pm at the Fairgrounds



Please see the related files below for the Pulaski County 4-H Sheep project.


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