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4-H Club Leader and Volunteer Resources

December 11, 2020
4-H Clover

Why not volunteer for Posey County 4-H?

Volunteers tell us the most important benefits they receive from working with 4-H youth are chances to:

–        Help children grow in personal self-worth.

–        Gain a better understanding of their community.

–        Interact with others and create family togetherness.

4-H volunteers enjoy the new friends they make and the realization that they make a significant impact in the development of young people around them!

Consider becoming an approved 4-H volunteer to help local youth today! Contact poseyces@purdue.edu or stop by the Purdue Extension-Posey County office to learn more.

Indiana 4-H Volunteer Information

Helping Leaders be 4-H Savvy-University of Illinois

Setting Project Goals-University of Illinois


 Please click below for information regarding Virtual Club meeting resources and Volunteer virtual meetings Dec 2020

 Also click on the link to the recorded training:  https://youtu.be/B7sRcZ-yjU0

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