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4-H Scholarships, Awards & 4-H'er of the Month

October 22, 2020
4-H Clover

A variety of state scholarships and awards are available to Indiana 4-H members. Scholarship applications are due January 25.

One county-sponsored scholarship, the Posey County Accomplishment Scholarship (see link below), is available to Posey County 4-H'ers and is due March 1.

Adults can nominate a deserving 4-H youth for 4-H'er of the Month! Nominations are accepted monthly from April through September. Nominees are not held over each month.

4-H Council annually awards the Timmy Lee Schmidt Spirit of 4-H Award at the 4-H Achievement Banquet in November. Timmy Lee Schmidt was killed in an accident when he was only five years old. Though he was young, 4-H had already become a very important part of his life. For this reason, his family presents this award to an outstanding 4-H member annually.

The Best Secretary’s Book award is presented annually by the 4-H Council to the Club Secretary who kept the best Secretary’s Book for his/her 4-H Club, according to a predetermined score sheet.

The 4-H Club of the Year and 4-H Honor Club awards are annually determined by criteria listed on the Club Achievement Checklist. Clubs reaching 200 or more points are Honor Clubs, and the club with the highest point total is Club of the Year. These winners’ group photographs are displayed in the 4-H Exhibit Building during next year’s 4-H Fair.

The Ned O. Williams Outstanding Club Leader award and the 4-H Volunteer Service award are also sponsored by the 4-H Council.

If you have questions or know someone you would like to nominate please contact Cheven May, Posey County 4-H Extension Educator.  

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