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4-H Family Resource Guide

January 26, 2021
4-H Grows Here

Welcome to Porter County 4-H!

Thanks for your interest in Porter County 4-H! The purpose of our Family Resource Guide (available for download below) is to give you an overview of our program. We want to help your family have an incredible experience in 4-H. Keep in mind that this is only an overview. Your best way to stay informed is to regularly attend your 4-H club meetings and to read the monthly “Pandemonium” newsletter. (Your family will start receiving this monthly publication once you are officially enrolled, or check it out now at http://bit.ly/PorterCo4HNews)

The 4-H program can sometimes seem a little overwhelming when you are new. Just keep in mind that our staff and volunteers are here to help you navigate the program. Your family’s 4-H experience can be tailor-made to fit your goals, schedule, and interests. You can be involved as a whole family, learning and growing together.

Porter County has many 4-H clubs. Clubs are an important part of a successful 4-H experience. The club experience includes: community service activities, learning opportunities, building lifelong friendships, and more! See the included Porter County 4-H Club Directory or contact us for help selecting a 4-H Club near you.

Keep in mind that the club leaders are volunteers. Like all of us, your leader is more than willing to do his or her part, but your leader wants help as well. Your club will be able to accomplish so much more if parents and guardians share some of the responsibilities with the leader. Ask your leader what you can do to support your child’s club.

Welcome to the wonderful world of 4-H!


2020-21 Enrollment is now open. Get all the info at http://bit.ly/2021PorterCo4H

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