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This site contains information on all aspects of swine production and management, as well as valuable resources for use in extension and teaching.

Baby pigs

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New Purdue Extension Video:
Biosecurity and Hygiene in the Semen Collection Process
Purdue PEDv Information
Purdue University Pork Interest Group (PIG)
Purdue Extension Flood 2015 Website
Purdue Extension Drought Information

Purdue Websites:
- Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
- Organic and Alternative Livestock Production Systems
- Food Animal Education Network
- Managing Moldy Corn
- Financial Crisis Information
- BioEnergy Website and Feeding Bio-Fuel Co-Products to Livestock Website

New Purdue Extension publication:
FF-403-W Impact of Increasing Feed Prices on the Optimal Market Weights and Marketing Strategy of Finishing Pigs
The 2010 Pork Industry Handbook is now available:
News Release; Ordering Information
National Biosecurity Resource Center for Animal Health Emergencies
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Information
Risk Awareness Checklist
The Pork Information Gateway


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