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Sinkholes can have an adverse effect to our water quality. In this video, Purdue biologists interview a local cave expert and a local conservationist about how sinkholes are connected to our rivers, streams, and water supplies and how we can help protect them.
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Purdue Extension's Indiana Beginning Farmer program is offering military veterans, active duty members and their families an opportunity to learn about aquaponics on Oct. 15 during a daylong program. Participants will meet for a morning workshop starting at 10 a.m. at the Millgrove United Methodist Church, 11151 Millgrove Road, in Quincy, Indiana, followed by a tour of the Ponderosa Aqua Farm, a veteran-owned family business.
Aquaponics is a system that combines both fish rearing and vegetable production to create a sustainable production system. Bob Rode, a Purdue Aquaponics Research Lab manager and presenter at the conference states, "Although it may sound simple, there are many facets to be considered.
"Aquaponics is a relatively new discipline," said Bob Rode, Purdue Aquaponics Research Lab manager and a presenter at the conference. "Although it may sound simple, there are many facets to be considered. This conference is an excellent opportunity for potential producers to learn more about it and why it is so appealing."
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After sluggish harvests last year, Indiana farmers could produce record or near-record grain crops this year, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report released Friday (Aug. 12). The report forecasts Indiana corn production at 1.05 billion bushels, up from 822 million bushels last year. That would be the second highest production on record.
Do you have an established reforestation plot or area of woodlands that you would like to find a new way to diversify? Are you seeking a different approach to reforestation by adding in farming? Are you interested in growing ginseng? Learn how ginseng could potentially add additional income.
Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business is starting a new professional development program to help food and agribusiness leaders better manage talent within their organizations. Managing Talent to Win will be Oct. 18-20 in West Lafayette.

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