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Marc Rubin poses in the woods with his dog, Mildred.
Purdue Extension workshops are teaching hunters how to safely handle and process the venison they hunt.
Tony Buechler, a Dubois County poultry producer.
Tony Buechler's family has been raising turkeys and chickens in Dubois County for three generations. Thanks to help from Purdue Extension, Buechler can handle state environmental rules without outside assistance, saving his business money.
Grzegorz Buczkowski, a Purdue entomologist.
Grzegorz Buczkowski helped develop hydrogel baits to battle invasive ants. Not only are the baits effective, they use 100 times less pesticide than other kinds of baits. Hydrogels hold the promise of reducing costs and safeguarding the environment.
Kathy Cooley, a dietitian and operator of a family blueberry farm.
Kathy Cooley helped start a food growers group dedicated to bringing healthy, fresh food to low-income families in Batesville. A Purdue Extension program helped the group realize what they could accomplish - and earn a grant.
Teri Morris-Downs is executive director of the Immigrant Welcome Center in Indianapolis.
Carmen DeRusha, a Purdue Extension-Marion County educator, has helped the Immigrant Welcome Center in Indianapolis adapt an educational program. Participants learn how to work with people of different cultures, build self-sufficiency, and more.
Purdue food and nutrition scientist Mario Ferruzzi.
Important nutrients called carotenoids play important roles in human health. A Purdue study found that carotenoid levels in breast milk are lower for U.S. women than for women in China and Mexico - a reflection of diet and socioeconomic factors.
Ronald Jones is a Purdue Extension Master Gardener volunteer who believes that teaching youth about
Ronald Jones is on a mission to help youth get interested in gardening and eating healthy. The retired police officer volunteers with the Purdue Extension-Lake County Master Gardener Program and helped plant a teaching garden for kids.

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