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There's no better way to celebrate Arbor Day then to add beauty and value to your home landscape with a new tree. The last Friday in April is both the national and the Indiana Arbor Day.
Indiana's winter wheat, forage and fruit crops apparently survived the unusually cold weather earlier this month with little or no severe damage.
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Our economic expansion started in July 2009, so it's 70 months old and counting. Since the end of World War II, the average expansion has lasted 58 months. That makes our expansion a whole year older than average. Is ours an elderly expansion, about to enter the December of its years? Are its days numbered?
Maurice Maeterlinck, a Belgian dramatist born in 1862, wrote plays, poems and essays. In 1911, Maeterlinck was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his wide range of literary efforts but especially for his dramatic works.
Trees for planting
Spring is a prime time for improving your property with new trees. They provide many benefits which everyone can share. Wise planning is essential to ensure the new trees meet your design needs and functional solutions as well. Follow these tips to get your tree started right and make it a long-lasting sustainable planting.
Many indoor plants can be moved to shady locations outdoors but only after danger of frost is past. Plants will dry out more often outdoors, so keep a close eye on soil moisture. Sinking the pots in soil will help slow down moisture loss.
Purdue Extension's Women in Agriculture committee is now accepting nominations for the organization's top awards through May 1.

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