A package of Purdue University magazine articles explains how the College of Agriculture is addressing issues of public controversy and preparing students to help resolve them in their careers.
Grain elevator
Farmers who have grain from last growing season still in storage this spring need to closely monitor its condition - especially if corn was stored at moisture contents higher than 15 percent, a Purdue Extension agricultural engineer says.
Ears of corn
For Indiana farmers with a lot of acreage to plant, two Purdue Extension agronomists say it's probably time to start planting corn while keeping in mind best agronomic practices.
A slug feeds on a corn plant leaf.
A wet spring that has delayed fieldwork in Indiana has created conditions ideal for slugs to thrive, a Purdue Extension entomologist says. Slugs are most common in no-till systems and weedy fields. These mollusks without shells can wreak havoc on corn and soybean seedlings.
Young man participating in science workshop
4-H Logo
4-H is doing more to reach out to Indiana young people by reaching into inner cities. Because urban areas tend to not have a strong tradition of 4-H, Purdue Extension is creating new programs in heavily urban Lake, Marion and Allen counties to attract more young people there.
As the calendar continues to move deeper into spring, winter annual weeds and cover crops will become increasingly difficult to control. However, there are several management decisions related to herbicide decisions that can improve weed control in no-till fields including those tough to control winter annuals like marestail.
Untilled field
Farmers who are antsy to get into their fields to complete tillage operations and plant corn should do their best to stay patient, two Purdue Extension agronomists say.

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