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Collecting Forms at the Fair!
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Needed forms for 4-H. Included forms are the Points sheet, the Health form, the General Record Sheet, the label for projects, and the 4-H Achievement record. 4-H Fair Schedule when released is also below.
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We offer an expansive and diverse range of projects to complete for 4-H! We offer select workshops for certain projects to better educate and round out youths' 4-H experience. Browse below to download project-specific requirements. If you have a question about a project, please call 812-829-5020
Indiana corn and soybean farmers have seen a sharp decline in gross revenue in 2014 and 2015. This revenue decline is putting pressure on operating margins. Unfortunately, the decline in revenues is not being matched by a decline in costs. This is causing farmers to ask "Should we continue to rent land if I fully expect to lose money?" and "How much of a premium can I pay to hold on to a property hoping for a change in profits?" Michael Langemeier and Jim Mintert with the Purdue Center
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4-H Life Skill Development - Part of the Strategic Plan for Owen County
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4-H Mission, Vision and Strategic Initiatives for 2013-18 in Owen County 4-H
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Below are resources for 4-H leaders. Instructions for signing up as a 4-H Leader with the minors training is also below as an attachment.
Forest Management Twilight Tour Thursday October 22

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