4-H Life Skill Development - Part of the Strategic Plan for Owen County
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4-H Mission, Vision and Strategic Initiatives for 2013-18 in Owen County 4-H
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Below are resources for 4-H leaders. Instructions for signing up as a 4-H Leader with the minors training is also below as an attachment.
Forest Management Twilight Tour Thursday October 22
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Harvest is in full swing and the autumn leaves are falling. While we are moving down the roadways taking in the beautiful autumn scenery and fresh air it is important for us to watch for farmers and farm equipment on our roadways. In Indiana we can expect to see slow-moving farm equipment from our 58,000+ farms on Hoosier roadways. The following tips will help ensure the safety of motorists, passengers, and operators of slow-moving equipment:
Bringing in Projects
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Mini 4-H is for 4-Hers that are kindergarten through second grade. There are tons of different projects to do and the kids will have lots of fun doing it.
Apples are a versatile and appealing fruit of widespread popularity. There are many ways to enjoy apples. Please read to find out more about apples in Indiana......
Purdue Cash Rent Survey
Purdue University's Annual Land Rent Survey For all of those interested, the most highly requested resource from Purdue University has been updated. The annual Purdue Agricultural Economics Report (PAER) on farmland values and cash rent has been released. Here are a few of the details found in the article. To obtain your own copy, please contact the Extension Office at 812-829-5020 or go to: http://www.agecon.purdue.edu/extension/pubs/paer/