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The Ohio County Fair Board was notified of a recent change made by the packers that purchase swine from our county fair. In 2016, the packers will NOT purchase any swine from our fair that has been clipped in any way. With this new information the Fair Board has made a rule that will be strictly enforced that any swine that has been clipped in any way will not be eligible for auction or shipping to the yards.
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The MANDATORY Livestock Meeting is for ALL livestock exhibitors and exhibitors participating in the auction. This includes members from each of the following species: BEEF, SHEEP, SWINE, GOATS, DAIRY, POULTRY, TURKEY, WATERFOWL, and RABBITS. There are 2 meeting dates set for this year. Exhibitors need to only attend 1 of the meetings. You must attend 1 to participate in the auction.
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Do you want to share with the community about your 4-H Experience? Are you excited about what 4-H has done for you? Then apply to be a member of the Ohio County 4-H Fair Royalty!
Do you have want to learn to identify and control the weeds and plants in your pond? Do you have questions on managing the fish in your pond? If so, this is the program for you. Join Purdue Extension on June 2nd at 6:00pm to have all your questions about plants and fish population answered.
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Have you taken the time to just stop and think about how you overcame an obstacle and how that challenge made you stronger? Have you stopped and looked at an event and how one choice altered your entire life? In The Personal Journey we will look at life events and our response to them, positive ways to deal with stress, incorporating healthier lifestyle habits and physical fitness by walking.
4-H Shooting Sports
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Ohio County Shooting Sports Meeting Schedule

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