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D.I.Y. Gifting

Hello and Happy Halloween!

Let’s keep these holiday “spirits” up with D.I.Y. gifting ideas today! Putting together gifts with your own touch of creativity is one of the best acts of appreciation/kindness/love… whatever you consider! So, I’ve listed a few ideas that would be fun to use, and don’t have to break the budget. I have also attached a recipe for bath salts and bath bombs for that spa basket gift you would like to give😉.


D.I.Y. Gifts:

  • Movie night basket
    • Popcorn, movie snacks, Redbox code or gift card
  • Spa night basket
    • Fuzzy socks, face masks, lotion, nail polish, bath bombs, etc.
  • Art basket for kids or adults *cheap baskets can be purchased at dollar stores or thrift stores
    • Coloring books, crayons, markers, paints, construction paper, etc.
  • Baked goods
    • Bread, muffins, cookies, candy (share a copy of the recipe so they can try it at home, too!)
  • Homemade cookie dough balls, frozen, and placed in a festive tin with instructions for baking later (this is a fun activity to do later in January when the holiday treats stop coming)
  • A gift card for a date night/fun experience. Clutter is related to stress, so an “experience gift” is a great choice.
    • $10 – ice cream place
    • $25 – mini golf, movie theatre card, etc.
    • $50 – dinner at a restaurant

*If you shop online, will show you if any stores online have coupon codes.


Once again, happy Halloween!


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