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Backyard Fruit Production Series 2022


 February 16 & 23, March 2, 9, & 16, 2022

6:30-8:30 PM ET

Marshall County Extension office will be a viewing site for this program. To register call 574-935-8545 or email You can also register to view this program at home

Who should attend?

This series should be of special interest to those with existing fruit plantings wishing to improve productivity and fruit quality as well as those just considering the addition of fruit to the home landscape.

What is the goal of the series?

This series will offer the home fruit grower a working knowledge of the modern tools and techniques that will improve their productivity of quality fruit. Participants will increase their satisfaction in their ability to produce fruit from their own land and labors that will contribute to the nutrition of their family .

What are the expected outcomes?

Participants will produce quality fruit of the type and quality that will be used by their family and friends to contribute to their diets and quality of life. Participants will build a network among themselves, current fruit growers, educators and specialists and this program will provide the resources to facilitate their learning well after the conclusion of the series.


Session Details 

Session 1—February 16

Program Overview & “It All Begins with You”

¨  Assessment of your goals and the realities of time and site limitations.

¨ General fruit is home production different? What are the realities of fruit culture in Indiana?

¨ Site selection, overview of the possibilities, soil preparation, sources of information, plants, pest control products, tools etc.

¨ Specialty varieties like Aronia, Gooseberry??

Session 2—February 23

Small Fruit is BIG in the Landscape

¨  Overview of possibilities and limitations...

¨ Special soil prep, planting, support, training, production calendars, maintenance schedules.

¨ Grapes, Strawberries, Brambles, Blueberries, andmore!

Session 3—March 2

Small Fruits-What to be Watching For

¨ Delving into the common insect and disease issues you might see during a growing year.

¨ Safe use and application equipment for getting the job done.

¨ What new invaders you might want

Session 4—March 9

Tree Fruit-Branching Out!

¨ Overview of possibilities and limitations...

¨ Special soil prep, planting, support, training/pruning, production calendars, maintenance schedules.

¨  Variety and rootstock selection, fruit quality.

¨ Apples, Pears, Peaches, Cherries, others?

Session 5—March 16

Tree Fruits-What to be Watching For

¨ Fruits Pest Identification Management.

¨  Delving into the common insects and diseases that afflict the tree fruits in our area and ways to combat or live with them.

¨ Is Organic an option?


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