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Front Yard Feature with Lisa


Edible Front Yard Mentoring Program- Front Yard Feature with Lisa
By: Krystyna Hyrczyk, Master Gardener Intern

Lisa is a Plymouth resident that lives in the urban part of Marshall County. This year she joined the Marshall County Master Gardener Edible Front Yard Mentoring Program to help get her journey started growing food at home. Lisa started the program this year because “What stopped me before was not knowing where to start, to be honest”. Lisa and I were paired together for this years’ project and we worked together this season. I am a container grower myself and also live in Plymouth so we were a great match!

For the program this year, Lisa decided to do a container plant on her front porch and chose to grow tomatoes. As a busy mom of three beautiful children and her home lacking a large space to grow a garden, time and location played a big role for her site selection. After meeting with me to go over her vision, Lisa decided that a container garden would work best for her. She chose a self-watering planter for her tomatoes that grew very well in her space. Lisa reflected, “I loved being able to just fill the reservoir and let it grow.”

Within the past couple weeks, Lisa has been able to start harvesting from her tomato plant and gets about 6-7 cherry tomatoes every few days. Lisa has pruned her tomato plant to promote her plant sending energy to the fruit. Currently, her tomato plant is experiencing “early blight”, a fungal infection, on the leaves of her plant. She caught the symptoms early and will work through trying to remedy a solution.

What’s in store for Lisa next year after the program is over? Lisa believes that she will continue to use self-watering containers in the future for a larger home garden. When I spoke with Lisa, she said that she really enjoyed the program so far and “I really liked having you come give me pointers and be able to answer questions that I had.” I enjoyed working with Lisa this season and was so glad she could feel comfortable in growing a garden at home.

I hope to be a resource for Lisa in the future and to be able to help other members of Marshall County if we can continue this program next year. It was a great experience as a Master Gardener Intern to be able to work one on one with a local gardener and help them achieve their goals.


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