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2021 Virtual Ag Day Kick off for Marshall County


Marshall County Ag Day will look a little different than years past. This year's Ag Day will be a virtual event. All Marshall County 3rd grade teachers have received an email invitation for their classrooms. Educational materials and supplies will be dropped off to those that have registered before March 20th, 2021. 

If you are a 3rd grade teacher in Marshall County Indiana and you have not received your email invitation please let us know! You can call 574-935-8545 or email to get signed up for our Ag Day. Reservations should be returned to our office by March 10th, 2021.

For families that are learning from home, you can also join in on the fun! The Ag Day webpage will go live in March. You can visit the webpage for Agriculture based curriculum, at home activities, and virtual farm tours! All families are welcome but the information will be geared toward 3rd grade student. 


New this year! This year we are inviting out 3rd graders to compete in a coloring contest themed "On my farm I have...." Students should think about what they would have on their farm if they had one. Would they have farm animals? Would they grow crops? What would those crops and animals need to grow on their farm? Climate plays a large role on what can be grown and raised here. We will post pictures from our Ag Day classrooms on our webpage. 


For all up to date Ag Day information and to view the Ag Day webpage please visit [Web page to be posted soon!]

You can also visit our Ag Day Facebook page! Like and follow our Facebook Ag Day Event page 


For all up to date event and webinar information you can join our Facebook page at LIKE AND FOLLOW or sign up for our weekly news letter at 

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