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NEEDS UPDATED Indiana Master Cattleman Program

The Indiana Master Cattlemen Program is  designed  to  help  beef  producers  improve  profitability  through  an  increase  in  production  efficiency,  forage  utilization,  reproductive  success,  genetic  selection,  herd  health,  and  business  management.    This 11-week  educational  experience  offers  beef  producers  the  opportunity  to  critically  evaluate  their  cow  herd  and  improve  management  techniques while learning and connecting with university specialists, industry experts and other producers from across the state. The Indiana Master Cattlemen Program is a nationally recognized one that has proven to be of great value to several cattle producers across Indiana.   This really is a very unique opportunity and Lawrence County is lucky to have been selected to host this program starting in 2018.  Please view the enclosed flier and testimonial sheet for more insight into this exciting opportunity that I hope you will be a part of!  If you like to view a testimonial video from past participants, please visit this link:

If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact Ophelia Davis at the Lawrence County Extension Office at 812-275-4623, or by email:

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