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4-H Clubs and Leaders


4-H CLUBS AND LEADERS (4-H members may be members of more than one club, especially if they are in any livestock projects.)

Beef Club:  Trevor Craig, 812-583-5000, --usually meets at Extension Office

Blue Ribbon Achievers: Cheryl Towle, 812-824-4030, at First Presbyterian Church, Corner of L & 15th Streets, Bedford.

Cat Project: Morgan Duncan, 812-653-2687 at Community Bldg., Fairgrounds                

Country Club:  Missy Lambrecht, 812-277-5554, at the Extension Office           

Dairy Club:  Adam Clines, 812-675-7177, --meets at Fairgrounds

Dogs 101 4-H Club: Amanda McCullough, 812-797-6214, --meets at Extension Office or Fairgrounds

Goat Club: Amanda Curren, 812-797-3522, at Community Building on the Fairgrounds.

Horse & Pony Club: Amber Thorne, 812-583-5569,  --meets at Fairgrounds

Jr. Leaders: Lesley Lodmell, 4-H Youth Educator, 812-275-4623, at Expo Hall on the Fairgrounds or the Extension Office

Limestone 4-H Robotics Club (for only those taking Robotics project): Christian Schuler, 812-381-4618, at Community Building, Fairgrounds.

  • Mini Master Builders: (Robotics Club for Mini 4-H Members) Christian Schuler, 812-381-4618, at Community Building, Fairgrounds

Superior STEAM: Tyson Chase, 812-276-9429, --meets at 1301 I St., Bedford

Mitchell 4-H Club:  Susie Cessna, 812-849-3082, at Community Building, Fairgrounds

Poultry Club:  Roger Dotts, 812-276-8785, ; Assistant Club Leader: Dawn Harris, 812-508-5913, --meets at Extension Office or Fairgrounds

Rabbit Club: Keri Barker, 812-276-1428, --meets at Expo Hall on the Fairgrounds

Sheep Club: Co-Leaders: Mark Baker, 812-797-2263, AND Amanda Minton, 618-335-9074, at Extension Office or Fairgrounds

Swine Club:  Brooke Horner-Hayes, 812-583-4650,; Assistant Club Leader: Raven Hyneman, 812-583-4076, at Extension Office

White River 4-H Club:  Tomi Carroll, 812-276-3449, at Fairgrounds Comm.Bldg.

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