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4HOnline and FairEntry information

Please remember if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the office.



Current members: REMEMBER!! Your 4-H profile can be found on 4HOnline

4HOnline v2.0 is now live. Kinks are still being worked out with some things, but you should be able to enroll now!

Please don't make duplicate profiles if you can't get logged in correctly please contact the office.




The 2021 4-H Fair is less than two months away!  We hope that you are looking forward to the fair and have already started to complete your projects.  In order to help us prepare, we need you to submit your project entries and record sheets by July 1st

All entries (4-H & Mini 4-H) will be done in the FairEntry system, which we have utilized the last couple of years.  FairEntry is located at

A few quick tips for FairEntry:

  • Recommended browsers:  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Older versions of Internet Explorer may cause unexpected results.  It also works better from a computer instead of a phone.
  • Register all entries(projects and classes) for each exhibitor in the family before proceeding to the Payment section.  (This is only a formality in the system, there is no additional fee.)
  • Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed your entries.  Entries are not final until they have been submitted.
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email with a list of your entries.
  • You will receive a second email when your entries have been approved by the office.

Enclosed is a step-by-step instruction sheet to help you complete your entries.  (Please note that a few of the graphics may have been updated on the website from what is shown.)  Also enclosed is a list of every 4-H project in Johnson County and what department you will find it under in FairEntry. 

4-H Record Sheets will be done with a Google Form submitted online.  This year it will send you a confirmation email when you submit that includes a link to sign back in if editing is needed.

Mini 4-H Record Sheets are from the back page of each project book and will be turned in with the project.

Please remember that 4-H grade is always based on the grade the child was in January 1 of this year.  (The grade just completed, not the grade they will be in the fall.)

Refer to the 2021 Johnson County 4-H Handbook for project rules & clarifications.  The judging schedule is also listed in the Handbook, please refer to that list to know when to turn in your projects.

YQCA Certification must be completed by July 1st for all of those in the Beef, Dairy, Goats, Sheep, Swine, Poultry & Rabbit projects. 

Both FairEntry and the Google Form Record Sheets will lock at 11:59 pm on July 1st.  If your entries and record sheets are not received by that time or you have not completed your YQCA Certification if needed, you will ineligible to exhibit/show or sell your animals.

If you have any questions about an exhibit, consult your 4-H Handbook, call your 4-H Leader, or call the Extension Office at 317-736-3724 during office hours, Monday - Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm.  Good luck and have fun as you exhibit at the fair!  

If you need help after office hours you may email Amy Spurgeon at but please realize it may not be answered immediately.



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