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Harrison County 4-H Project Superintendents

2020-2021 Exhibit Hall Superintendents

Conservation and Natural Resources- Amanda Uhl, 812-738-0972

Crafts- Dee Albers, 812-738-4444. Kay Jacobs, 812-732-4989

Home & Family- Lisa Uhl, 812-347-2479

Horticulture & Photography- Ron Byerley, 812-737-2469

Mechanical Science- Moira Nix, 812-347-2920

Mini 4-H- Teresa Eschbacher

Poster Projects- Angela Durbin, 812-968-9373


2020-2021 4-H Livestock Superintendents

Beef- Alice Hayse, 812-267-0459

Cat- Angela Durbin, 812-968-9373

Dairy Female- Dana Leffler, 812-946-0720

Dairy Goat- Kristen Garwood, 812-732-4769

Dairy Steer- Shirley Jones, 812-267-0705

Dog- Nick Durbin, 812-968-4131

Horse & Pony- Annette Stansbury, 812-705-4645

Meat Goat- Kristen Garwood, 812-732-4769

Poultry- Jimmy Bliss, 812-732-4497

Rabbit- Patti Byerley, 502-724-2765

Sheep- Natalie Harris, 317-549-5205

Swine- Lynne Thomas, 812-267-5517

Small Animal Master Showman- Courtney Greenwell, 270-402-9097

Large Animal Master Showman- Kathy Eschbacher-Timberlake, 812-267-3949



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