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Hancock County Extension Board Holds Annual Meeting


  • 857 youth enrolled
  • Thirty-five 4-H members completed 10 years of 4-H. One 4-Her communicated, “It really teaches kids how to set goals and adhere to them. 4-H gives them a chance to accomplish things they can be proud of as well as learn how to lose and realize it’s just an opportunity for improvement.”


Junior Leaders — The Hancock County 4-H Junior Leaders exist to develop junior high and high school youth into community-minded citizens in leadership, organization, program planning, and implementation and to offer opportunities for social interaction.

Programs/Speakers are presented throughout the year at meetings. One program was taught by State FFA President, Julia Hamblen on what makes a “good leader.” Various team building skills are presented by the Junior Leader Officers to promote leadership.

Junior Leaders conducted several community service projects: sponsored a local family with gifts/necessities at Christmas, contributed items to the toiletries pantry in Riley Park, raised funds for NASA to Strike Out Drugs, made seven fleece tie blankets and donated socks to the Hope House, made cupcake kits for Mini 4-H, donated food collected at “Trick or Treat for Canned Goods” to the Hancock County Food Pantry, mentored youth at 4-H Mini Meeting and assisted with planning the virtual scavenger hunt for the fair.

4-H Fair

  • Celebrated 165 years of the Hancock County Fair’s existence
  • 1,631 Exhibit Hall Projects were entered
  • 965 Livestock Projects were exhibited
  • 185 Livestock Projects were sold through the auction
  • 35 people participated in this year’s Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt
  • Collected 1,750 pounds of food for the food pantry


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