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Meet Hamilton County 4-H Alumna Sarah Wilson


As the Nutrition Manager for Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Sarah (Huber) Wilson promotes the health and wellness of the community that we serve.

Food insecurity (or a lack of consistent access to enough nutritious food to live an active and healthy lifestyle) affects so many of our neighbors, and it can have a major impact on both physical and mental health. Wilson works to ensure that Gleaners offers a nutritious variety of foods that meet different cultural and dietary needs, as well as nutrition education on how to turn those foods into simple, tasty meals.

Wilson grew up in Arcadia, Ind. and was an active Hamilton County 4-H Member from 2003-2012.  She can look back at ten years of the 4-H Foods Project and pinpoint the moment she found her path.

“I vividly remember one of the activities in my book talked about the special nutritional needs of pregnant women and babies. This, along with learning both the science and art of food preparation through this project, sparked my interest in nutrition as a career choice at a young age,” said Wilson.

She went on to graduate from Hamilton Heights High School and earn her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Purdue University.

The Foods project wasn’t the only 4-H experience that has paved the way for Wilson’s current role.  She also looks back on her year as Miss Hamilton County as a time of growth. 

“The public speaking, interviewing, and advocacy skills I gained from that experience prepared me so well for my career.  Now I am comfortable with going on the news, filming cooking demos, and training groups of doctors.  I have also maintained connections from both the county and state fair pageant experiences, which has led to some fun and unique networking opportunities!”

Wilson had these words to share with current and future 4-H’ers.

“Take pride in your work! I was always nervous and excited to turn in my projects and see what the judges thought of the time, thought, and energy I had put into each one. It was so rewarding to see a blue or purple ribbon hanging next to my name, and I also learned to appreciate the skills I gained even when I didn't place as high as I hoped. As the 4-H Fair Queen, I got a front-row seat to the months of hard work that other 4-H’ers put into raising their livestock, training their pets, and preparing their projects with so much time and care. That helped me appreciate the unique skills that each individual brings to the table and the incredible things we can accomplish when we work together and learn from each other.”


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