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Hamilton County 4-H Volunteer Resources

4-H people

Thank you for volunteering!  The resources listed and linked are to assist in the various types of volunteer commitment.  New information will be added throughout the year. 

If you would like to become a 4-H volunteer, more information and an application can be found here. 

New Virtual Meeting Resources- 


                 What Virtual Platforms are out there for 4-H club and workshops?


                 Virtual 4-H Meeting Etiquette


              4-H Activities for Youth at Home

Supporting New 4-H Members and Volunteers


               4-H Mentor Manual


                Hamilton County 4-H Family Guide


                  Click here to review the 2021 June Volunteer Meeting Minutes


Below are documents to help your club, project, or volunteer experience

Club checklists

Club Office Training

 Click here for the project "cheat sheet."  This document will help you be sure each 4-H'er has the books, record sheets, and other resources needed for each of their projects.


For additional 4-H Volunteer Resource, visit the Volunteer Tab of the 4-H Web site:



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Club Leader Login Instructions - NEW database
2021 Pre-Fair Volunteer Meeting Recap
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