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Floyd County 4-H Showcase Indoor


Floyd County 4-H Showcase will have closed judging this year. This means that projects will be dropped off and 4-H members will not speak with judges about their projects. Please make sure all detail cards are filled out accurately.

Showcase is for 4-H families only and not open to the public.


The same projects are offered this year as have been in the past, however 4-H Online has condensed projects into a general list. If you need help deciding which category a project should go or have questions, please call the Floyd County Extension Office 812-948-5470 or email Sam McCollum, 4-H Educator at


**Showcase check in for indoor projects will be Monday, June 7, 5 p.m. -8 p.m. at Newlin Hall

**Face Covering and Social Distancing will be required to attend.


Projects must be completed entirely in current 4-H year.  No part of project may be previously exhibited.

Indoor projects and animals must be in 4HOnline & Fair Entry by MAY 15.  No late submissions are accepted. A Participation ribbon will be given to those projects not in by the May 15 deadline.

Grades 3-12 are eligible for the Indiana State Fair. 

State requirements can be found at at the Projects tab.


* *Please note: Indoor project pick up will be SATURDAY, June 12, 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Large, bulky, and/or heavy state fair exhibits are the responsibility of the member to transport to and from the state fair, not the Extension staff.


 Updated 2021 project requirements are listed at the bottom and include: 




Fashion Revue

Food Safety Policy




Not sure where to place a project in Fair Entry?  Call the office for assistance.  Below is a quick reference of Animal Posters and Arts & Crafts:

Animal Posters County Only (Beef, Goat, Horse, Sheep, Swine)

Cat, Dog, Llama & Alpaca, Poultry, Rabbit posters are found individually under State Projects

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Any Other  Craft, Leather Craft , Construction Toys (LEGOS), Jewelry, Ceramics

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Fine Arts

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Gift Wrapping

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Model Crafts

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Crochet, Knitting, Embroidery, Crewel, Needelpoint

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Recycling Poster or Exhibit

State Projects, Arts & Crafts, Scrapbooking

Instructions for Fair Entry are attached.




Related Files



4-H Poster Requirements
Aquatic Science
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts Craft Card 618a-W
Arts & Crafts Record Sheet 618-W
Arts & Crafts- Any Other Craft
Arts & Crafts-Ceramics
Arts & Crafts-Construction Toys includes LEGOS
Arts & Crafts-Fine Arts
Arts & Crafts-Gift Wrapping
Arts & Crafts-Leather Craft
Arts & Crafts-Model Crafts Project Description
Arts & Crafts-Needlecraft Project Description
Arts & Crafts-Recycling
Arts & Crafts-Scrapbooking
Bicycle -Health & Well Being
Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating Indiana 4-H Skills & Technique Chart
Cat.-vaccination form is attached
Child Development
Communications -Creative Writing
Communications -Reading Adventures
Consumer Clothing
Crops -STEM
Dog Project
2021 Dog Vaccination Form
2021 Cat Vaccination Form
Electric Skills & Knowledge Chart
Electric Skills & Knowledge Sheet
Fashion Revue
Fashion Revue Commentary -Consumer Clothing
Fashion Revue Commentary -Sewing
Food Recipe Card
Health -Outdoor Adventures
Health -Sports
Home Environment
Lawn and Garden/Zero-Radius Safety Education
Other Animals -Pets
Robotics -STEM
Shooting Sports
Small Engine
Soil & Water
Sport Fishing
Vet Science
Wood Science
Woodworking Tools Skills & Techniques Sheet
Collections Project Sheets
Collections Record Sheet
Garden Project Tips
General 4-H Rules and Policies.pdf
Arts & Crafts-Jewelry.pdf
Project Letter page 1
Project Letter page 2
4-H Floyd County Record Sheet for Green Folder (Record Book)
4-H Record Sheet of Achievement for Green Folder (Record Book)
American Dairy Goat Association-Registration Delays
Auction Buyer & 4-H'er Letter
Livestock Showcase Schedule
Fair Entry Instructions Simplified.pdf
2021 4-H Handbook.pdf
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