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Just in Time Parenting Newsletters

Just in Time Parenting is a Free parening newsletter that is delivered by email and specific to a child's age and needs.  They are designed so that information that's relevant to your family is automaticall delivered to you just in time!

Each issue includes:

  • Easy to use guides on how your child is developing
  • Tips on raising a healthy, happy child
  • Tools for solving common parenting problems
  • Strategies for coping with the challenges of raising children

Why should parents choose Just in Time Parenting?

  • Timely automatic delivery directly to your inbox
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Access to full-color PDF's for printing and sharing
  • Links to podcasts, videos, and other resources
  • Commercial free - no toy or product ads
  • Based on research and written by experts who are parents themselves


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 Just in Time Parenting

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Dubois County Residential Connection

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4-H Clover Chronicles & Weekly Newsletters

The 4-H Clover Chronicles is a great way to stay current with 4-H events and activities. Check back often and be in the know about Dubois County 4-H.

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Health and Human Science Extension Educator plans events to meet the needs of the community. As the events are planned they will be listed here.

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Indiana Livestock Shows, Open Shows, Conferences, Workshops and Judging Invitationals

Check out area livestock shows, conferences and workshops. Anywhere from horses only to all animal (beef, goat, sheep, swine) topics covered. Take the time to attend to increase your showmanship skills, knowledge, and time around animals.

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