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YQCA Training & Information

4-H members wanting to exhibit a livestock project (BEEF, DAIRY BEEF, DAIRY, GOAT, POULTRY, RABBIT, SHEEP & SWINE) must be YQCA-certified. 

The program covers all species of livestock, so youth in multiple livestock projects only need to be certified once.

To become YQCA-c ertified, you have two options:

  • WEB-BASED:  Log into at any time using your 4HOnline login information and pay the $12 fee.
  • INSTRUCTOR-LED:  PRIOR TO THE CLASS, log into to pre-register and pay the $3 fee.
    • You may attend any instructor-led training listed on the YQCA website, even if it's not one we are offering in DeKalb County.
    • Be aware that some counties may charge extra on top of the $3 fee to cover their costs.

You must register/pay online prior to the date of the Instructor-Led classes.  

This YQCA Certification does NOT replace the workshop/worksheet requirements.

This video, available at, walks you through how to sign up for a YQCA class.


  • This is only available to youth in the first year of Intermediate (age 12), Senior (age 15) and Young Adult (age 19).  There is no test-out option for juniors.  At the bottom of the “Course List” page are the test-out options for these age levels. 
  • The test consists of 50 questions and requires a pass rate of 80% or better for certification. 
  • If passed, the certification will last through the end of a user’s age level (Intermediate – ages 12, 13 and 14; Senior – ages 15, 16, 17 and 18; and Young Adult – ages 19, 20 and 21.) 
  • The Intermediate and Young Adult test-out course will cost $36 ($12 x 3 years of certification) and the Senior test-out course will cost $48 ($12 x 4 years of certification.)  If passed, users will receive access to online modules that correspond with the age levels indicated above, found on the user’s “My Library” page. 
  • Users will have one chance to take te test-out option.  If they fail, they will not be provided another opportunity for that level of certification.  If the youth passes, payment for the completed test-out course will be required AFTER the completion of the test.  No payment is required prior to the test.
  • Participants attempting and not passing will be prompted to take the instructor-led training or web-based training annually. 


 How to register for YQCA

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