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HHS Newsletter "Busy Bee Bugle"

Happy Holidays!  I have been busy presenting programs about economics, Captain Cash, and Make and Take gifts for the holiday.  I encourage you to remember to set realistic goals for yourself, build down time into your schedule, simplify, and maintain healthy habits such as regular bedtime, exercising, and eating well.  Doing these 4 processes will make your holidays more enjoyable!  Listen to Matters of Life held on Monday December 13 on Purdue Extension Dearborn County Facebook for more details on this topic.

            I hope you enjoy the information about purchasing toys for safety and preventing injury.  I hope you will try a new recipe or write a friend a letter!  I hope you take time to reflect on 2021 and prepare for 2022!

            I wish you and your family a blessed 2022!


Marcia Parcell

Extension Educator, Health and Human Sciences

Busy Bee Bugle

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