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2021 Benton County Fair Schedule

Sunday, July 11

2:00pm                     4-H Food Stand Clean-Up

Tuesday, July 13

5:00pm-7:00pm         Fairgrounds Clean-Up

Wednesday, July 14

6:00pm-8:00pm          4-H Project Drop-off for Woodworking, Farm Toy Scene, Photography

Thursday, July 15

5:00pm-7:00pm        Mini 4-H Project Drop-off

7:00pm                     4-H Project Judging- Woodworking, Farm

                                Toy Scene, and Photography

Friday, July 16

4:00pm-7:00pm        4-H Project Check-in


Saturday, July 17

8:00am-12:00pm      Open Class Check-in

10:00am-3:00pm      4-H Project Judging


Tuesday, July 20

8:30am                  Consumer Clothing Check-in and Judging

                              (Benton Co. Annex Bldg. in Fowler)

9:00am                  Fashion Revue and Consumer Clothing Judging (at Benton Co. Annex Bldg., Fowler, IN)

11:00am                Sewing Project Check-in and Judging (Benton Co. Annex Bldg. in Fowler)

1:00pm                  4-H Project Check-in Foods, Garden, and Flowers (Benton Co.  Annex Bldg. in Fowler)

1:30pm                  4-H Project Judging Foods, Garden and Flowers (Benton Co.  Annex Bldg. in Fowler)

4:00pm-6:30pm     Open Show Check-in Foods and Flowers

6:00pm                  4-H Dog Obedience Show

7:00pm                  Open Show Judging Foods and Flowers


Wednesday, July 21

6:00am-10:00am     Swine Arrival

6:00am-6:00pm       Cattle/Sheep/Goats/Poultry/Rabbits/Horse Arrival

1:00pm                    4-H Pet and Cat Show

4:30pm-5:00 pm       SWCD Cover Crop/Soil Health Demo

5:00pm-7:30pm        Fish Fry in Commercial Tent

8:00pm                    Miss Benton County & Jr. Miss         

                                4-H Fashion Revue

10:00pm-12:00am    Livestock Arrival


Thursday, July 22

7:00am                  Horse & Pony must be checked-in

8:00am                  Livestock weigh-in (cattle, sheep, goats)

10:00am                4-H Horse & Pony Show

4:00pm                  4-H Beef Show

5:00pm                  Fishing Derby SWCD

7:00pm                  Battle of the Barns

8:00pm-10:00pm   Concert – Hoosier Highway


Friday, July 23

7:00am-10:00am   Castongia’s Breakfast

10:00am                4-H Goat Show    

1:00pm                  4-H Lawn & Garden; Ag Tractor Driving

3:00pm                  4-H Sheep Show

6:00pm                  Demolition Derby


Saturday, July 24

6:00am-9:00am     Swine Weigh-in

9:00am                  4-H Poultry Show

10:00am                4-H Horse & Pony Fun Show

12:00pm                Mini 4-H Day Activities

12:00pm                FFA Pedal Tractor Pull Registration

1:30pm                  FFA Pedal Tractor Pull

3:00pm                  4-H Swine Show

10:00pm                Auction Sign-up Deadline


Sunday, July 25

9:00am                 4-H Rabbit Show

1:00pm                  4-H Supreme Showmanship

3:30pm                  10 Year Member Recognition

4:00pm                  4-H Livestock Auction

6:00pm-8:00pm     4-H Project Release

6:00pm                  Livestock Release


Monday, July 26

4:00pm                  Fairgrounds Clean-up and Dinner



Help prevent the spread of respiratory illness like COVID-19

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Wear a face covering over mouth and nose when in public.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Observe a no handshaking guideline as part of social distancing.
  • Remember to practice social distancing. Stay 6 feet away from others.




Thank you 4-H Supporters and Sponsors for your donation!                      

Beutler Meats & Catering

Strasburger Trucking

Kentland Veterinary Clinic

Roger & Janice Worley

Hub Plaza

Ron & Lynda Freeland

Katrina Molter,State Farm Insurance

Tom & Patty Suiter

Warren County REMC

Sanders Tax Service

Connie Brouillette

Ina Anstett & Family

Terry Harman Family

Barce & Redlin, P.C.

Seven Hills Dairy-Winners Drink Milk

Benton County Extension Homemakers

Sheets Family Dentistry

Shane & Sara Gretencord

Shane & Sara Gretencord

Curt & Tracy Albertson

David & Jane Smith

Stockland Grain Co Inc

Hoosier Associates Inc

The Boardwalk Beauty Shop, Louise Furr

Fowler State Bank

The Farmers & Merchants Bank

Walter Jr & Martha Smith

Castongia's Tractor

Steve & Lana Wallpe & Family

Benton County Farm Bureau

Farm Credit Services Williamsport & Rensselaer

Gibson Furniture

John & Linda Nally

Fowler Family Dentistry

Griffin Farmland, LLC

Brouillette Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing

Curtis & Christal Musser

West Lafayette Agri-Sales

Alliance Bank  Oxford & Otterbein

Shawn & Kelsie Muller

Judd & Cris Burgett

John & Cheri Janssen

Joe & Susan Dadacz

Boswell Chase Grain

Robert Zink Family

West Lafayette Agri-Sales

Davis Comfort Solutions

Bryan & Beth Berry & Family

Jordan Berry

Kali O'Dell

Glen & Connie Musser

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