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4-H Do Your Own Thing

March 5, 2020

SUPERINTENDENT: Purdue Extension-Monroe County Office 812-349-2575

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

The Do Your Own Thing project allows you to participate in a project that may not be included in the current 4-H program. Such projects can be developed to expand a current interest or to explore a new field. This particular project encourages the use and development of individual abilities and creativity.

Division 1: Grades 3-5             Division 2: Grades 6-8                         Division 3: Grades 9-12

Possible Projects (but not limited to):


Doll making


Travel Journals

Music (write/record)


Requirements: You may NOT choose an activity that duplicates any requirements in an existing project offered in Monroe County, example - Arts and Crafts or Scrapbooking.

Exhibit: Can be a display, notebook, or 22” X 28” poster. A display can be no larger than 2’ X 3’ X 3’ unless specified differently in state project manual. If your project is larger than this size or is very valuable, you may bring it to the judging along with a poster or notebook describing how and what you made. This project will be taken home after judging and the notebook will be on display during fair week. Be sure to include at least a one-page summary of your exhibit in the notebook.

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