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4-H Gardening

February 23, 2018

SUPERINTENDENT: Purdue Extension-Monroe County Office 349-2575

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

  1. All vegetables entered in this project must have been produced by the 4-H member in his or her garden.
  2. Read and study your Project Manual. Complete the activities as required in the manual and keep a complete record of the activities.
  3. All varieties should be cleaned and identified.
  4. Bring your exhibit in on a sturdy paper plate. A Fair Entry tag (available at the Extension Office) should be on each plate.
  5. Along with garden produce, a small bouquet of garden flowers and/or herbs in a simple container is to be displayed with your exhibit.

Exhibit Requirements

  1. Produce Exhibit (member can enter any combination of a, b, and/or c)
  1. Single Vegetable Exhibit: A single plate of vegetable the member grew. May be selected from the list below. Maximum of 5 different single plate exhibits per exhibitor. Single vegetable entries should be labeled with common name, Latin name, and variety of vegetable. The Latin names can be found in 4-H Garden Publication 4-H 970-W.
  2. Garden Collection: Collection of three plates, four plates, or five plates of different vegetables the member grew. Vegetables are to be exhibited on paper plates and may include a display of not less than three garden flowers, grown in your own garden. Exhibitors may each exhibit one collection (3 or 4 or 5 plate garden collection) at State Fair. Garden collection entries should be labeled with common name, Latin name, and variety. Latin names can be found in 4-H Garden Publication 4-H 970-W. A Garden Collection Exhibit will be lowered one ribbon grade if two or more vegetables of the same type are included.

Single Herb Exhibit: Can enter three single herbs (all edible types) must be labeled with common name and Latin name, in pots 8" diameter maximum (maximum of three different pots). For list of herbs acceptable for State Fair, see State Fair handbook or 4-H 970W

VEGETABLES: Quantity per plate

BEANS (snap, green, wax): 20 pods

BEANS (navy, kidney, shell-out, etc.): ½ pint shelled

BEANS (lima, large or small): ½ pint shelled or 20 pods

BEETS (round, flat, and long types, with tops of approximately 1/2”): 5

BROCCOLI: 1 head

CABBAGE (round, flat, pointed, red, savoy, Chinese): 1 head

CARROTS (with tops approximately 1/2”): 5


CELERY: 1 bunch

CORN (sweet-white, sweet-yellow, bicolor: 5 ears

CUCUMBERS (slicing, dill, pickling): 5



MUSKMELON (full slip, well netted): 1

OKRA: 5 pods

ONIONS (white, yellow, red): 5

PARSNIPS (with tops approximately 1/2”): 5

PEPPERS (bell, chili, serrano, banana, pimiento, cayenne, jalapeno, cherry, new Mexican, ancho, tabasco, habanera): 5

POTATOES (any color): 5

PUMPKINS (table, canning, ornamental, sugar pie types, other): 1



SQUASH (banana, hubbard, buttercup or turbans, butternut, cushaws, scallops, straight or crookneck, acorn, zucchini): 1


TOMATOES (red for canning or market, pink or purple, yellow or orange, Roma or paste types): 5

TOMATOES (small, cherry, pear, intermediate): 12



Garden Education (judged separately) Any member can enter a Garden Education exhibit, but members enrolled in Levels C and D of the garden project SHOULD exhibit one of the following activities in addition to the Produce Exhibit

Produce Options:

Poster Options:


“JUST FOR FUN” County Options

Largest  (by weight) pumpkin/squash

Largest  (by weight) watermelon

Largest  (by weight) tomato

Largest  (by weight) potato

Largest  (by weight) onion

Largest  (by weight) head of cabbage

Largest  (by weight) sunflower

Unusual growth forms


State Fair Entry – All 4-H members enrolled in the Garden Project may exhibit in the State Fair.

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