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4-H Gift Wrapping

March 5, 2020

SUPERINTENDENT: Purdue Extension-Monroe County Office 812-349-2575

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

  1. In divisions 1 through 5, packages are not to exceed 18” in any direction. Division 6 should not exceed 24”.
  3. Packages for exhibit should not contain articles.
  4. On the “Gift Wrapping Information Card” (included in the manual and to be placed on each exhibit package) put the occasion, and age and gender of the receiver.
  5. All packages should be wrapped with no tape showing.
  6. Your division is determined by the number of years you have participated in the project (i.e. if this is your first year, you are division 1, your second year, you are division 2, etc.)

DIVISION 1: Exhibit one wrapped shoe box, including self-made bow, and the “Gift Wrapping Information Card”.

DIVISION 2: Exhibit one wrapped cylinder-shaped package and the exhibit tag. Show creativity in the materials you have chosen. Include the “Gift Wrapping Information Card”.

DIVISION 3: Exhibit one wrapped box with the top and bottom wrapped separately so the judge can open it. The box must contain a liner like tissue paper. It will be judged on the inside appearance and the outside wrapping. Include the “Gift Wrapping Information Card”.

DIVISION 4: Exhibit one wrapped box using any material other than purchased gift wrapping paper. Judging emphasis will be on originality and creativity. Include the “Gift Wrapping Information Card”.

DIVISION 5: Exhibit one round object you have wrapped, such as a ball. Include the “Gift Wrapping Information Card”.

ADVANCED: Exhibit any unusually wrapped object not to exceed 24”. Include the “Gift Wrapping Information Card”.

No State Fair Entry

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