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4-H Microwave

March 5, 2020

SUPERINTENDENT: Penny Ramon 812-825-2164

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

Recipe cards: A recipe card or index card (5" x 8") is required for all microwave exhibits. Please include your name and all the information requested in the exhibit description. It is recommended that you wrap the card in plastic wrap or in a plastic bag.

How to prepare products for display.

  1. Most food products should be displayed on a paper or foam plate.
  2. For cakes - cut a piece of cardboard about 1/2 inch larger than the bottom of the cake. Cover this cardboard with wax paper, plastic wrap, or foil before putting the cake on it.
  3. Any other product that may be sticky on the bottom, such as fruit crisps or pies, may be left in the container in which they were microwaved. Containers should be labeled so they may be returned to you following judging.
  4. All canned products must have the ring on the jar top to protect the seal.


Grade 3: Microwave snack mix (in a package). Include recipe card. 

Grade 4: Six squares or bars of microwave fudge. Include recipe card.


Grade 5: Six bars of microwave cookies or brownies. Include recipe card.

Grade 6: One microwave upside down cake. Include recipe card.


Grade 7: One microwave fruit crisp. Include recipe card.

Grade 8: One microwave coffee cake. Include recipe card.

Grade 9: One package of a microwave candy product. Include a recipe card.


Grade 10: One microwave double layer or bundt cake. Include a recipe card.          

Grade 11: One microwave fruit and/or nut pie. Include a recipe card.            

Grade 12: A jar of microwave jam or jelly. Label with name of product, quantity, and date made. Include a recipe card.

An action demonstration may also be done at any level to complete this project.

Note: Custards, cream, and cream cheese fillings or frostings are not acceptable in an exhibit because they are highly perishable when left at room temperatures. See “For Food Competitions” under food project.

No State Fair Entry

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