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December 4-H Club and Activity Resources

December 11, 2018
Picture states December Club Resources with kids in background

December 4-H Club and Activity Resources

Club Officers and Leaders are encouraged to make their club meetings as full of educational content as possible and consider how to incorporate the three mission areas (Leadership and Citizenship, Science and Healthy Living) throughout the year. Below are some helpful resources, topics, activities and more to help you plan your meetings. Feel free to use any of the ideas below during another month as well.

All December resources came from the Indiana 4-H Leadership Summit. You can access all of the resources and more on the Leadership Summit's webpage here.

4-H Marketing Planning Spreadsheet

Does your club have a big event coming up? Maybe a fundraiser, open show or community service? Do you want to share something that you club did together? Check out this worksheet that will help you create a social media plan to share your story!

Club Meeting Planning Document

Your club leadership team can use this document to outline what will happen at your next club meeting. The document can be changed to reflect your club's order of business, just e-mail Katie to request the Word Document at This document can also help you build your agenda for your meeting to post ahead of time so your membership will know what to expect.

Community Service Ideas

November and December are a great time to think about giving back to our community. Take a look at the linked document to get some new ideas of what types of community service ideas you could coordinate for your club.

Mission Area 1: Leadership

Leadership is a very important part of a 4-H members experience. Leadership is something that officers get to practice, but other members can practice and learn more about leadership as well. These activities will help officers and members brush up on and learn new leadership skills.

Ethics Awareness - Participants discuss the meaning of the terms "ethical" and "unethical." Participants practice the decision-making process. (Cards) (30 minutes)

Fruit Kabobs - Fun activity that includes a healthy snack and leads participants through understanding selection criteria. (10-15 minutes)

Navigating Difficult Conversations - Great for older youth. What makes conversations hard? Take a look at some scenarios. (20 minutes)

Mission Area 2: Science

You may have heard that S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a pretty common topic in education today. Help your 4-H club members generate some science excitement with one of these easy and low-cost experiments. If you aren't sure about leading a science activity, contact Katie ( for a club visit. She would love to introduce your club members to any of these experiments.

Earth's Filter - Collect and analyze data from polluted water and determine a solution! (45 minutes)

Explore Nature - Get hands-on with nature while identifying different organisms and observe their growth and development. (15 minutes)

Mock Stream Habitat Assessment - Bring the outside in while students assess the overall health of a stream ecosystem. (15-20 minutes)

Mission Area 3: Healthy Living

Part of the 4-H Pledge that we often forget to learn about is Healthy Living. Check out these fun activities as a great way to start learning more about Healthy Living. If you would like some help leading a Healthy Living activity at your club, contact Katie ( to see if the Healthy Living Teens as Teachers Team could visit your club meeting to teach something new!

4th H for Health Challenge - Take the challenge as a club, participate in fun activities that help you eat better, exercise more and drink more water! (varies)

Blubber Burger - What is in the fast food that we eat? Check out this fun activity for a visual representation (15 minutes)

Whole Grains - Why are the important? Take a closer look at what a whole grain is and the nutrients that they provide. (15 minutes)

Livestock Resources

Livestock Clubs are encouraged to use the activities above just like community clubs so try them out! Here are a couple of other activities that are specific for our 4-H clubs that deal with animals.

Disease Transmission - Aerosol - Demonstrate how disease is spread through aerosol transmission with very few supplies! (10 minutes)

Build-a-Barn - Explore STEM skills through animal science interests. Participants work together to make housing for their animals (45 minutes)

Other Helpful Resources

Club Financial Reports - due January 15th!

Club Unit Reports - due January 15th or sooner - this report tells everything that you club did over the last year


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