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4-H Cupcake Decorating

February 26, 2019

SUPERINTENDENTS: Patty Hill 812-336-3064 or 812-320-8192 and Mary Adams 812-322-7371

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

This is a perishable exhibit and must be entered on Thursday, June 27

  1. All cupcakes must be standard size and round, except for the Advanced Level, which may be any size or shape.
  2. Cupcakes will be judged for taste, creativity, decorating skills, appearance, and following the rules.
  3. You may not use more advanced techniques than your grade level.
  4. All decorations on the cupcake must be edible.
  5. No wired, cardboard, or other tiered cupcake stand may be used. Cupcakes must be displayed on a flat board.
  6. The board may be any shape and you may decorate the board to showcase your theme.
  7. You may attach your cupcakes to the board with icing, rolled up tape, or any other method.
  8. An extra cupcake must be brought that is not part of your display for the judge to taste.

BEGINNER: Grades 3-5


ADVANCED: Grades 9-12

No State Fair Entry


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