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2020 4-H Handbook

June 25, 2020
4-H Handbook Cover

Have you started your projects yet?  The Miami County 4-H Fair will be here before you know it. The judging will be held on Monday, July 20th.  The handbook contains all the important dates and instructions that you will need to be successful at this year's fair.  Make sure you look at the judging schedule and the specific rules for your project(s)!  There are a few rule changes county and state wide.  If for any reason after reading the 2020 Handbook requirements, you decide to drop or add projects, you can handle that online using your 4HOnline account.   If you add projects, please call the office and let us know so we can get you the manuals for your new projects. Always check the handbook before starting your project!  Project changes are made in the handbook.  If the manual and the handbook conflict, follow the 2020 4-H Handbook requirements.

Summary of 2020 Fair Changes

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