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16 Master Gardener Basic Training: Annual & Perennial Flowers

December 1, 2019
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Master Gardener Class Assignments

The assignments for this session are listed under "Related Files."

See instructor's e-mail for the current web assignment.


Supplemental Reading and Resources

Purdue Master Gardener Manual, Chapter 9 (assignment for the two Herbaceous Plants sessions)

MG Links for Chapter 9: Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (All MG Links By Chapter)

See also related links on this web page: 16 Master Gardener Basic Training: Diseases of Garden Flowers

Annual and Perennial Flowers, Kentucky Master Gardener Manual

Designing Flower Gardens, Cornell University

Perennial Flower Garden Design, University of Vermont

Designing an Island Bed, Kansas State

Six Steps to Designing Your Garden, Kansas State

Perennial Plant Combinations, Kansas State

Growing Flowers in Pots, Kansas State

Plant Finder, Missouri Botanical Garden

All-America Selections

Chicago Botanic Garden Plant Evaluations

Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year

Consult the Flowers section on the Plant Information page.

Damping Off of Vegetables and Herbaceous Ornamentals, University of Kentucky

Herbaceous Ornamentals Diseases and Disorders, University of Kentucky

Home Grounds and Animals, Section 4, Home Ornamentals: Control of Ornamental Diseases, Virginia Tech

Purdue Publications Related to the Topic

Quick Guide to Ornamental Annuals: Culture and Use Summary, Purdue University

Flower Publications (from HO series)

Disease-resistant Annuals and Perennials (ID-414)

Powdery Mildew (BP-5)

Downy Mildew (BP-68)

Rose Black Spot (BP-139)

Key Pest Publications

"Key" is defined as where to look first for control information.

Insects: Flower Garden Pests (E-70)

Diseases: Focus on Plant Problems: Flowers, University of Illinois and Purdue Perennial Flower Doctor and Purdue Annual Flower Doctor (apps for purchase)


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