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11 Master Gardener Basic Training: Fruit Gardening

November 7, 2019
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Master Gardener Class Assignments

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Supplemental Reading and Resources

Purdue Master Gardener Manual, Chapter 14

Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide, Ohio State University (no longer available online)

Fruit Insects & Their Management, Purdue University

Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook, Ohio State University (no longer available online)

Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook, University of Kentucky

Disease and Insect Control Programs for Homegrown Fruit in Kentucky Including Organic AlternativesUniversity of Kentucky

Search for Tree Fruit Diseases, Pests and Beneficial Insects, Michigan State University

How do I manage Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) in my garden? Cornell University

Fruit Production, Missouri Master Gardener Core Manual (NOTE: Some information may not be suitable or recommended for Indiana.  Consult Purdue publications and the Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide first.)

Purdue Extension FoodLink, Purdue

Purdue Publications Related to the Topic

Publications on Fruits and Nuts

Managing Pests in Home Fruit Plantings (Purdue Extension publication ID-146) (for home gardeners)

Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide, regional Extension publication (for commercial growers)

Publications on Fruit Insects

Publications on Fruit Diseases

Food Preservation and Storage Publications

Facts for Fancy Fruit (a newsletter for commercial and advanced amateur fruit growers)

 Key Pest Publications

(Key = defined as "where to look first" for information on the topic)

Insects & Diseases: Managing Pests in Home Fruit Plantings (ID-146)


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