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06 Master Gardener Basic Training: Weed Identification & Control

October 13, 2019
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Master Gardener Class Assignments

The assignments for this session are listed under "Related Files."


Supplemental Reading and Resources


Purdue Master Gardener Manual: Chapter 20

Weeds, Idaho Master Gardener Handbook (NOTE: Some information may not be suitable or recommended for Indiana.  Consult Indiana information first.)

Purdue Turfgrass Weed of the Month Series

Michigan State - your lawn weed identification & research resource

Purdue Publications Related to the Topic

Noxious and Invasive Weeds and The Weed Laws of Indiana (see Related Files below)

Purdue Weed Science Publications

Diagnosing Herbicide Injury on Garden and Landscape Plants

Key Pest Publications

"Key" is defined as where to look first for control information.

Weed Control for the Garden and Landscape (Purdue HO-217)

Lawn Weed Control Publications (Purdue)



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